Down In The Valley
Traditional - James Howard, same tune: Birmingham Jail

Down in the valley, valley so low
Hang your head over
Hear the wind blow (3)
Hang your head over and hear the wind blow

If you don’t love me, Love whom you please
But throw your arms ‘round me
Give my heart ease (3)
Throw your arms ‘round me and give my heart ease

Down in the valley walkin’ between
Tellin’ our story, here’s what it sings:
Roses of Sunshine, Vi’lets of dew
Angels in the Heaven, knows I love you

Build me a castle, 40 feet high
So I can see her
As she goes by (3)
So I can see her as she goes by

Bird in a cage, love, bird in a cage
Dyin’ for freedom
Ever a slave (3)
Dyin’ for freedom, ever a slave

Write me a letter, sent it by mail
And back it in care of
The Barbourville jail (3)
And back it in care of the Barbourville jail

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