Death Room Blues
Blind Willie McTell

Tombstones is my pillow, cold grounds is my bed (2)
The skies is my blanket, the moonlight is my friend

Early one mornin', death walked into my room (2)
Walked in takin' my dear mother, early one mornin' soon

She left me moanin' and cryin' just like a turtledove (2)
Death walked in takin' my mother, and came back and got the friend I loved

Hee-hee... (2)
Cryin', Lord have mercy, came back and got the friend I loved

Ever since my mother died and left me all alone (2)
All my friends have forsaken me, people, I haven't even got no home

Hm, feel (just) like moanin' and cryin' (2)
And death walked in and got my mother that was the only friend of mine

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