Bye And Bye
Taj Mahal - cedited to C. Patton*

Early Moon, look bright
(While) shining down on me
Bye and bye sweet mama
Mama, bye and bye

You can go, you can stay
Oh baby, I fair**
'Cause if you stay too long
I won't understand you there

Now I'm goin' to Vicksbirgh
And, mama, I don't even care
But can't get you to Natchez
They tell me there is highwater there

*  Of known available recordings, Charley Patton didn't record "Bye and Bye."
There was a song entitled "Bye and Bye" by a Patton contemporary Tommy Johnson,
another great delta blues artist influenced by Patton. Johnson's "Bye and Bye" is
structurally related to Patton's "Pony Blues" and others. It seems as though Taj Mahal
has taken lyrical subjects from different Patton songs (f.i. "Poor Me") and arranged
them for his "Bye and Bye."

** not sure about this part

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