Bottle Up And Go - Borrow Love And Go*
Lead Belly - also by Snooks Eaglin

    I got to bottle up and go (2)
    These high powered women sure got to bottle up and go

She may be old ninety years
She ain’t too old for to shift her gears

I tol’ my baby late las’ night
Ain’t none a-my business, she ain’t doin’ me right

Tol’ my baby, week before last
The gait’ she’s keepin’, just a little too fast

Nickle is a nickel, dime is a dime
Need a new girl, she’ won’t mind

Mama killed a chicken, thought it was a duck
Put him on the table with his legs stickin’ up

Well, I jumped in the river and I couldn’t get across
Jumped on an alligator thought it was a horse

I jumped in the river and I started to drown
I thought about my gal, and I turned aroun'

* According to "The Leadbelly Songbook" this song is titled "Borrow Love And Go".
However, on CDs it is titled "Bottle Up And Go" - and that's what he actually sings.
By the way, it is said Lead Belly himself prefered the spelling of his nickname in two words:
Lead Belly. His real name was Huddie Ledbetter. He got the nickname by prisoners in due
of his strong body. They said he had belly like lead.

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