Blue Christmas
Bill Hayes & Bill Johnson - as sung by Elvis Presley

I'll have a (E)blue Christmas with(B7)out you
I'll be so blue thinking a(E)bout you
Decorations of (E7)red
On a (A)green Christmas tree(A - G#m - F#m)
(F#)Won't mean the same, dear
If (B7)you're not (F#m)here with (B7)me

And when the (E)blue snowflakes start (B7)fallin'
That's when those blue memories start (E)fallin'
You'll be doin' all (E7)right
With your (A)Christmas of white(A - G#m - F#m)
But (B7)I'll have a blue
Blue, blue, blue (E)Christmas(A - E)

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