Beyond the Reef - lyrics - cords

Beyond the Reef
Text & Music: Jack Pitman, transp. > F

(G - Cm7 - G - Cm7 - G)

Beyond the (Am)reef
Where the (D7)sea is (G)dark and cold
My love has(Am)gone(D)
(Am)And our (D7)dreams grow (G)old

There'll be no(Am)tears
There'll be (D7)no re(G)gretting
Will she rem(Am)ember (D)me
(Am)Will (D7)she for(G)get? (Cm7 - G)

     I'll (G7)send a (C)thousand flowers (Cm)
     When the (D#maj7)trade (Cm7)winds (G)blow
     I'll (E7)send my (D7sus)lonely (D7)heart
     For I (Cm7)love her (D7)so

Someday I (Am)know
She'll come (D7)back a(G)gain to me
Till then my (Am)heart will (D)be(Dmaj7 - D7)
(Am)Be(D7)yond the (G)reef Cm7 - G