Belle Isle
Traditional -Bob Dylan - transpose to D

One (C)evening for pleasure
I (F)rambled to view the (C)fair fields (G)all a(C)lone
Down by the banks of (F)Loch Erin
Where (G)beauty and pleasure were (C)known

I (Am)spied a fair maid at her (Em7)labor
Which (Am)caused me to stay for a (G)while
And I (C)thought of a (Am)goddess of (Em7)beauty
(F)Blooming bright (Fm)star of Birght (C)Isle

I humbled my(Am)self to her (Em7)beauty:
Fair (F)maiden, (G)where do you be(C)long?
Are you from (Am)heaven de(Em7)scended
A(Dm)bidin' in Cupid’s fair (G7)throne?

Young (Am)man, I will tell you a (Em7)secret:
It’s (Am)true I am a maid that is (Em7)poor
And to (C)part from my vows and my (Am)promise
Is (F)more than my heart can en(Fm)dure

There(C)fore I'll re(Em7)main at my (Am)service
And go (Em7)through all my hardship and (G7)toil
And (C)wait for the (Em7)lad that has (Am)left me
All a(F)lone on the (G)banks of Belle (C)Isle

(C Am Em - G G7sus4  C G)

Young (C)maiden, I (Am)wish not to (Em7)banter
It' s(F) true I've come (G)here in dis(C)guise
I came here to ful(Em7)fill our last (Am)promise
An' (Dm)hoped to give you a sur(G7)prise

I (Am)own you’re a maid I love (G)dearly
And you’ve (Am)been in my (Em7)heart all the (G)while
For (C)me there is (Em7)no other (Am)damsel
Than my (F)blooming bright (G7)star of Belle (C)Isle

(C Am Em - F - Fm - C Em Am - F G C - )