Banty Rooster Blues
Charlie Patton

I'm gonna buy me a banty*, put him at my backdoor (2)
So when he see a stranger a-comin', he'll flap his wings and crow

What you want with a rooster?  He won't crow 'fore day (2)
What you want with a man, when he won't do nothin' he say?

What you want with a hen? Won't cackle when she lays (2)
What you want with a woman when she won't do nothin' I say?

Ah, take my picture, hang it up in Jackson Wall** (2)
Anybody asks you: What about it? Tell 'em: That's all I saw

My hook's in the water, and my cork's on top (2)
How can I lose, Lord, with the help I got

I know my dog anywhere I hear him bark (2)
I can tell my rider if I feel her in the dark

* slang for bantam rooster - a breed of small chickens
**presumably a barrelhouse, it has been reported that 
Mississippi barrelhouses of the twenties often featured pictures
of local blues attractions.