Aura Lee
Traditional - Elvis made it to Love Me Tender

As the black bird in the spring
Neath the willow tree
Sat and piped I heard him sing
Praise of Aura Lee

Aura Lee, Aura Lee
Maid of golden hair!
Sunshine came along with thee
And swallows filled the air

Take my heart and take my ring
I give my all to thee
Take me for eternity
Dearest Aura Lee

In her blush the rose was born
'Twas music when she spoke
In her eyes
The light of morn
Sparkling seemed to break

Aura Lee
The bird may flee
The willow golden hair
Then the wintry winds may be

Blowing ev'rywhere
Yet if thy blue eyes I see
Gloom will soon depart for to me
Sweet Aura Lee