Arkansas Traveler
Traditional - as by J. Garcia & D. Grisman, also by Michelle Shocked

Hello stranger
Hello there stranger
Does this road go all the way to Little Rock?
I’ve been standin’ here all day, and it hasn’t gone nowhere yet

Hello stranger
Hello again stranger
Your corn looks awful little and yeller
I planted the little yeller kind

Hello stranger
Well, hi there stranger
I don’t believe taht you’re too far from a fool, are you?
Believe what?
I said :I don’t believe you’re very far from a fool
No, that’s right, son, just this guitar (and mandolin) here between us

Hello stranger
Well, hiya stranger
How’d your potatoes turn out?
They didn’t turn out at all, I had to dig’em out

Hello stranger
Well, hello stranger
Can’t you see that your roof is leaking? Why don’t you fix it?
Well, right now it’s a-raining too hard, and when the sun’s a-shining, it don’t leak

Hello stranger
Well, hello there stranger
Have you lived here all your life?
Not yet

Hello stranger
Hello again there stranger
You’re not very smart, are you?
No, but I ain’t lost

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