Are You Lonesome Tonight
performed by Elvis Presley

Are you (G)lonesome to(Gmaj7)night?
Do you (Em7)miss me tonight?
Are you sorry we're (E7)drifting a(Am)part? (Am*)
Does your (D7)memory (D7*)stay
To a bright summer day
When I (D)kissed you and (D7*)called you sweet

Do the
(Dm)chairs in your G7)parlor
Seem (C)empty and bare?
Do you
(A7)gaze at your (A)doorstep
(D7)picture me (D7*)there?
Is your
(G)heart filled with (Gmaj7)pain?
Shall I
(A7)comeback a(A)gain?
Tell me,
(D7)dear, are you (D)lonesome to(G)night?

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