Ain't misbehavin'
Fats Waller, as play by Cliff Edwars (original Eb), alternativelyin B

(D)(There's) no one to walk with
(A7)All by myself
(D)No one to talk with
But I'm (G6)happy on the (Em)shelf
(I) (D)Ain't misbehavin'
(A7)I'm savin' my love for (D)you

(And) I (D)don't stay out late
(A7)No place to go
(D)I'm home about eight
Just (G6)me and my (little) (Em)radio
(D)Ain't misbehavin'
(A7)I'm savin 'my love for (D)you

(Bm)Like (little ol') Jacky Horner
(Sittin') in the corner
(I) Don't go nowhere
But (E7)what do I care?
Your (sweet) kisses were worth waitin' (A)for
(oh) (A7)Baby

(D)I know for certain
(A7)The one I love
(D)I'm through with flirtin'
Cause it's (G6)you that I'm (Em)thinkin' of
(D)Ain't misbehavin'
(A7)I'm savin' my love for (D)you(G - D -A -D)

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