Georgia, Georgia
Tampa Red

(A - E - B -)
I canít keep (E)Georgia off my mind
Iíll keep a-(A)grieviní all the time
Just this (E)sweet olí blue song (B)
Keep Georgia on my mind

But if I (E)ever go back again
And meet my (A)sweetheart and all my friení
Iím gonna (E)tellíem my touble and sorrow (B)
And just how blue Iíve (E)been (A - E - B -)

(A)Georgie, Georgie, Georgie
Evíry place Iíd go
(E)I hear your name and it hurts me so
(A)Iíve done wrong
And this I know
(B)But doní hold in a guess me
Cause I wonít no moí

Iíll stay so (E)worried - all the time
And Iíll go (A)back abou' - have to ride the blime
Because I (E)just canít get olí (B)Georgie off my (E)mind

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