Preludio in C Major / Ave Maria

by Johann Sebastian Bach / Charles Gounod, performed by   Ukulele Orchester Laubegast (in D major)

chords for C-tuned ukulele ! Please read the footnotes on chords.

|C C |Dm* Dm* |G(7) G(7) |C C |
|Am* Am* |D* D* |G(7) G(7) |C C |
|Am* Am* |D7* D7* |G(7) G(7)


C#° |
|Dm* Dm* | |C C |Fmaj7* Fmaj7* |


|G7 G7 |C


|C7 C7 |
|F* F* | |E7 E7 |G7 G7 |
|C C |C7/5 C7/5 |G7/3 G7/3 | |
|C C |G7/4 G7/4 |G7 G7 |C7 C7 |
|F* F* |G7 G7 |C C |


> For finding out the chords you may download the chordfinder (980 kb).
> If chords, such as
G7/3, are to hard, then just play G7 - it works, too...
> Chords with
* include a melody tone (C) which you have to play
  by putting your little finger in the third fret of your A-string
> Because of the particular tuning of the uke you may use 7-chords
  nevertheless it actually ain't.

TAB - Picking Pattern

The pattern is the same for every chord, it means: one chord is one pattern
> T = Thumb, F = Forefinger, M = Middlefinger


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