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My ukuleles

I prefer the hand-made soprano ukuleles made by German manufacture Brüko. I am convinced of its quality by using it since years already. As my hands have hold other instruments, too, I can say you can't do something wrong buying such one. Unfortunately this one is not avalaible any more, but there are other fine ukuleles by the same producers. By the way, I am telling you this not because of any commercial participation, but because of the importance having a good instrument. Especially as a beginner you shouldn't buy the cheap made ones for you would lose your joy resuming you weren't ever able to make it sound. In fact it is just the quality of your uke that keeps you playing or hanging it on the wall...


A prototype longneck Soprano by Brüko, I used for stage, meanwhile there are long cases as well. Standard models are about 140 Euro, special editions are availlable from 200 to 300 Euro.

During Germany's (Europe's?) biggest exhibition for music instruments in Frankfurt/Main I discovered a nice little Soprano from Koa wood, it was a very limited edition, 15 only. I bought it in 2008.


Longneck Soprano by Brüko - ca. 300 Euro

Old style Soprano by Risa  - ca. 500 Euro


During the mentioned exhibition in Frankfurt I also experienced a very expensive instrument by a legendary guitar maker from the U.S. - it was about 2500 Dollar... I did not buy it!