Winter Wonderland click for mp3-demos of this CD
Dick Smith - transpose to C
- D - Deutsch

(G)Down on the (Am)ground, there's a (G)mantle of (C)white
A (G)heaven of (C)diamonds shine (G)down through the (Am)night
(G)Two hearts are (Em)thrilling in (Am)spite of the (D)chilling
Weather (Am/D7)

Sleigh bells (G)ring, are you listening
In the (Am)lane snow is glistening
It's a (D)beautiful sight, we're (D7)happy tonight
(Em)Walkin' in a (D)winterwonder (G)land

Gone a (G)way is the bluebird
In his (Am)place is a new bird
He (D)sings a love song as we (D7)go along
(Em)Walkin' in a (D)winterwonder (G)land

   (B)In the meadow (F#)we can build a (B)snow man
   And pretend that (F#)he is Parson (B)Brown
   (D)He'll say: Are you (A7)married? We'll say: (D)No, man
   But (Bm)you can do the (A7)job are you in (D)town(D7)

Later (G)on we'll conspire
As we (Am)dream by the fire
To (D)face unafraid the (D7)plans that we made
(Em)Walkin' in a (D)winter  wonder (G)land

   (B)In the meadow (F#)we can build a (B)snow man
   And pretend that (F#)he's a circus (B)clown
   (D)We'll have lots of (A7)fun with Mr. (D)Snowman
   Un(Bm)til the other (A7)kiddies knock him (D)down (D7)

When it (G)snows, ain't it thrillin'
Though you (am)know, kids are chillin'
We'll (D)frolick & play, the (D7)Eskimo way
(Em)Walking in a (D)Winter Wonder(G)land

(G)Love knows no (Am)season, (G)Love knows no (C)claim
(G)Romance can (C)blossom (G)any old (Am)time
(G)Here in the (Em)open, we're (Am)walking and (D)hoping
To (G)gether (Am - D7 - G)

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