River of No Return
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(F6 -G6 Hmmmm F6-G6)
If you (C)listen, you can hear it (Am)call
Wail-a-(Em)ree (G6), wail-a-(G)ree (G7)

(C)There(Em) is a (C7)river
Called the (F)river of (Fm)no re(C)turn
Sometime it's (Em)peacefull (G6)
And (Am)sometimes (Am6)wild and (G)free (G7)
(C)Love(Em) is a (C7)trav'ler
On the (F)river of (Fm)no re(C)turn (Am)
Swept (C)on for (Em)ever (Am)
To be (F)lost in the (G)stormy (C)sea

I can hear the river call
No return, no return
Where the roarin' waters fall
(no return, no return), wail-a-ree

I can (Em)hear my lover (Am)call
Come to (Em)me, no return, no re(G)turn (G7)

I lost my (C)love (Em)on the (C7)river
And for (F)ever my (Fm)heart will (C)yearn
Gone, (Am)gone for (Em)ever (G6)
Down the (F)river of (G)no re(C)turn
   Wail-a-reee,  wail-a-(Am)ree (G6)
You'll (F)never re(G)turn to (C)me

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