Cumberland Gap
Traditional - as collected by Alan Lomax, also by Woody Guthrie

Lay down, boys, and take a little nap
Fourteen miles to the Cumberland Gap*

The first white man in Cumberland Gap
Was Doctor Walker an English chap

Lay down, boys, and take a little nap
They're raisin' hell in the Cumberland Gap

Old Daniel Boone on the Pinnacle Rock
He killed Injuns with an old flint lock

Now Cumberland Gap is a noted place
Here's three kinds of water to wash your face

Cumberland Gap with its cliffs and rocks
The home of the panther the bear and the fox

September morning '62*
Morgan's Yankees all withdrew

They spiked "long tom" on the mountain top
And over the cliffs they let him drop

They burned the hay, the meal and meat
And left the Rebels nothing to eat

Braxton Bragg with his rebel band
He run George Morgan to the blue grass land

Now Cumberland Gap is not very far
It's just a littel piece from Middlesboro

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* The Cumberland Gap is that part of West Virginia bordering on Kentucky and Tennessee.
** In June, 1862, General Morgan captured the Gap and then lost it under pressure from Confederate forces on September 17, 1862.